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Blockchain & enterprise processes

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We build smart, intuitive, complex blockchain solutions making the world a better place. We stay on top of the latest technologies and practices, rapidly incorporating our learnings into the solutions we build.
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    We need to fully figure out your needs before proceeding with your project, so we start by analyzing and recording your software requirements. Here we work with you through your idea to envision and specify a product that’s a perfect fit for your business needs. You can also send us your project info for a quotation using our special form.

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    At this stage, we give you a prior estimate of the time and cost required for your project. You can also choose the style of engagement: to run the project from start to completion, or segment into phases. We believe and support the idea to launch a high-quality MVP (minimum viable product) as soon as possible to begin validating your idea and collecting customer feedback & usage data for continuous product improvement.

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    The DeepDive Team will be working with you in close collaboration to develop the specification document for your application, establish and prioritize key app features, identify the technology stack, create the project plan, and deliver wireframes with clickable app prototype. At the end, you will have all the necessary materials to attract investors and begin developing your minimum viable product.

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    The next step is to design, develop and test the software application according to the project plan. We deliver daily/weekly reports and weekly demo builds to make sure expectations are always managed. Our test-driven development guarantees that software is always well designed and fully tested.

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    Perhaps the most exciting stage of the whole process. Deploy to production… and celebrate!

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    Here we monitor server and application performance, execute regular maintenance, update routines, and produce security analysis. Along with admin tasks, we offer deep analysis of user behavior.

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