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Smart Cities with ASTERI Blockchain

“Wherever you go, the technology will follow you and open doors into your imagination”

Jules Gabriel Vernе

The modern smart city already constitutes a massive web of interconnected technologies. 10% of smart cities using streetlights as wide area networks to connect computing devices, the result being an unprecedented collection of data that must be protected from hacks and leaks.
The introduction of technology doesn’t stop in the streets, as 30% of ambient care applications in smart cities, including medical care, are expected to have robotics and smart machines introduced into nursing operations by 2030. This introduction of some of our most sensitive data into the Internet of Things is one of the primary aims of smart cities, which means that securing that data is of the utmost importance. With 1.3 million people moving into urban environments daily and 65% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2040, concerns about what these cities will look like and how contingencies will be planned for are indeed legitimate.
The Blockchain is not only a platform on which the mass of new data derived from smart cities can be safely stored and accessed by those who should have access to it. The chain also may serve as the interoperable platform that gives residents of smart cities higher say in the decisions affecting their hyper-local communities, from budgeting to elections, etc. It may also serve as a reputation management tool, as these cities tend to be chock-full of citizens who demand a certain standard from individuals and businesses when it comes to communal and environmental care.
We gathered a couple of “use cases” to showcase the possible implementations of ASTERI Blockchain in the real world.
Universal ID Cards

The challenges

Countless scenarios require us to prove that we are who we are, which in turn means we spend far too much time scrounging up our identifiers time and again. A single, easily verifiable method by which we can prove that we are whom we say we are would be an invaluable time and effort saver.

Our solution

Our ASTERI Blockchain system can provide a robust and secure infrastructure to provide identity services with the highest level of security where the data cannot be replaced, manipulated, nor adjusted since the infrastructure is decentralized and the change cannot be done from an external source.

Energy / Water / Pollution Management

The challenges

Naturally, smart cities prioritize renewable energy, conservative water usage, and pollution mitigation. Data about each of these could be stored on an interoperable, regularly updated record by which businesses would be held accountable for their practices for these considerations. This system could also be employed on the neighbourhood and individual levels — not to shame, but to make people aware of their usage and consumption patterns so that they may react accordingly.

Our solution

With our ASTERI Blockchain, we will be able to process big chunks of data and provide all the statistics in no time. Also, since many municipalities are commonly using legacy applications, we can integrate our ASTERI Blockchain as a service to bridge between the old-school technologies and the most advanced Blockchain infrastructure.


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