Fulfill citizen needs

Fight crime and meet compliance demands through trusted

ASTERI Blockchain improves government services and ensures trust

Fulfil citizen needs, fight crime and meet compliance demands through trusted, with ASTERI Blockchain

From issuing identification and registering property to administering elections and enforcing laws, the government must ensure stringent data stewardship to protect citizen information, maintain trust, and ensure the accuracy of public records.
Government faces challenges like no other domain: data architects, administrators, and privacy officers must protect citizens’ personal information, yet keep vital information accessible when needed. Scale complicates life for government administrators, too: the vast scope of mandated services — along with large workforces needed to provide them — can open the door for fraud, waste and abuse, inviting significant errors in vital public records.
Let's see how ASTERI Blockchain can improve government services and ensure trust.
Supply chain

The challenges

Whether it’s the replacement of a street sign, an emergency generator, or vital engine part, the ability to track and trace where an object is in the supply chain is vital within large-scale government purchasing systems. Limited visibility can lead to waste either through over-ordering or a failure to anticipate shortages. Late delivery can lead to significant losses across government – from municipal services to military operations.

Our solution

ASTERI Blockchain makes the precise location of an object — and its accompanying digitized documentation — part of a traceable permanent record giving government full visibility of the supply chain.

Asset registration

The challenges

We rely on the government to accurately record and track our homes, businesses, cars, and more, verifying ownership and ensuring smooth financial transactions. Accurate and accessible registries are crucial to engendering trust and transparency in government. Despite this need, today’s registries suffer from slow, duplicative processes and an over-reliance on error-prone, incomplete, and manual data entry.

Our solution

ASTERI Blockchain enables government agencies to increase the accuracy and efficiency of publicly held records by linking ownership of an asset to a single, shared ledger without disrupting existing registry data.

Crime prevention and compliance

The challenges

Fraud, information privacy abuse, and accidental data exposure plague government data transactions. Siloed legacy systems and processes within government result in multiple versions of multi-user data sets. In the absence of a single version of the truth, the risk of fraud and difficulty in ensuring compliance increases each time a data set is accessed because there is no way to distinguish between correct and incorrect entries.

Our solution

Blockchain creates a shared and trusted ledger that sequentially appends cryptographically secure data. The ledger is only accessible to trusted parties, assuring government administrators that they’re working with data that are up-to-date, accurate, and nearly impossible to manipulate.

Identity services

The challenges

From licensure to passports to publicly funded medical services, establishing and verifying identity is vitally important for both citizens and government agencies themselves. The financial and personnel costs of providing rigorous identity services, though, are enormous. The great need for identification documents and verification of existing credentials arises partly from the difficulty in linking enough verifiable personal data on which to base any kind of government-issued identification. What sounds like a simple task is complicated by records in different formats, of varying provenance, and containing sometimes-conflicting data.

Our solution

ASTERI Blockchain enables government agencies to create a single, trustworthy collection of digital identity documents. These documents make it easier for government officials to reconcile data conflicts and provide citizens with control over their own identities.

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